McMinnville City Scavenger Hunt


Gather your friends and family this spring and see just how well you know the great city of McMinnville.  You will begin your journey at the Civic Center with only a few clues to guide you.  As you decode the clues you will be lead to many of the magnificent businesses that call McMinnville home.  Do you have the skill to decipher the clues and make it to the end? 

When:  March 26th at 8:00 am to March 31st at 4 pm.
Where:  Register and get your first clue at the Civic Center.  Signup before March 26th and receive an extra clue.
Cost: $3 per participant
How:  You will be required to decipher clues that will lead you to many different businesses.   At each business you will receive new clues that will eventually lead you back to the Civic Center.

At Each Business you will need to:

  • Like their Facebook Page
  • Take a photo of yourself at that business
  • “Check in” on Facebook at that business
  • Add the photo to your “check in” post
  • Pick up a new clue

Rewards:  The first person to finish the hunt will choose from the  prizes donated by participating businesses.  All other finishers will be entered into a drawing to see who will get to pick from the remaining prizes.

Note:  Businesses have varying hours of operation please plan ahead to arrive at the businesses when they are open.  This is why this event is stretched out over a week.  Businesses closed on Saturdays will have posted instructions on where you can obtain their clues when playing on Saturday.  All Facebook requirements will still be required.

If you are a business interested in participating please fill out an application and submit it to the Civic Center before March 19th.