Rained Out

RainedOut.com Sign Up Instructions

Get up to date information about our league without even having to ask for it!!

Rainedout.com is a free service for our baseball and softball leagues and it is really simple to sign up for. It will send you text messages or emails when our league has information for you (like your game for that day is rained out or when registration dates are)…rather than waiting for a call from your coach or going down to the field only to find out that the game is rained out and you didn’t get a call. You will not get solicitations from this service – only information that pertains to our league. 

1 – Go to http://www.rainedout.com/

2 – Under “Find Your Organization” Type in McMinnville MYBS

3 – Under Preferred Results click on McMinnville Youth Baseball and Softball 

4 – Type your cell phone number or email address in the box (make sure to check the “agree to terms” box)

5 – You will get a 4 digit validation code sent to your phone or email

6 – Enter the validation code to accept the service and you’re done – It’s that easy!!

7 – If you have additional questions please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page